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Everything was Perfect!
May 8th, 2007

We had such a great time at the wedding.  Everything was perfect.  I think that all of the guests had a lot of fun.  In all of the pictures my grandmother is smiling and laughing.  She told my mom that this was the most fun that she has ever had at a wedding; noting that she has been to a lot of weddings since she is almost 83.  We really appreciate all of your hard work and we will definitely keep in touch.  We will see you next time we are in town! 

Thanks again!
Jared and Kelli
April 28, 2007 

Laura & Charlie's Spiritual Beach Wedding
February 9, 2007

Dear Maartje (and Erika),
I just wanted to publicly thank you for the wonderful wedding day! Though the evening is very much a blur to me (partly due to the emotion and partly due to the Ajua margaritas:), what I do remember is feeling very happy and relaxed! What a wonderful pair of emotions to be filled with on your wedding day! Thank you so much!

Thankfully, most of the stressed and overwhelmed emotions left me during the organic body masque at the spa that morning. If I were offering advice to a bride-to-be it would be to allow yourself to be pampered the morning of. It was a very special time with the women during our communal pedicures, the spa was very professional, and my time alone during the masque was incredibly grounding. I was also really pleased with the way he did my hair, despite the language barrier and my inhibitions about “hair-dos.” Thanks for coordinating the spa time for our large group and choosing such a wonderful and professional place.

The ceremony itself was just what we hoped it would be. Thanks for being open to our nontraditional and very meaningful circle. I think I remember the ceremony best of everything that evening (again giving evidence to the strength of those margaritas:). The flowers, cake, site, and food were all wonderful, and you did very well in matching those with our style. I am very impressed by how you can coordinate such an important event in the lives of a couple and a family, and do so without allowing your own values to take over. You found our style and you had never met us! Thank you for your time and energy on that!

I have no doubt of the importance of the wedding planners at this point. You allowed me to tell you what we were hoping to experience, and you put it together. The day of the wedding we didn't have to do anything; just enjoy! Even when the rains came (which they did!), I felt no obligation to try to work things out. It was a wonderful realization that the two of you were figuring things out before I even understood figuring was needed. I had no trouble at all placing my trust in you and just spending my time with family and friends. That trust level was being developed throughout our communications, and I thank you for all your work, Maartje.

Thanks again for everything! My heart goes out to you and Erika. I miss Playa, the beach, Mexico, those margaritas, and much more, and I would love to see you all again! If you ever want to visit Alaska, just say the word!!
With love and much appreciation,

March 2, 2007


Watada Soliman Bay Beach Wedding
July 21, 2006

We just wanted to say thank you SO much for a fabulous Mexico wedding!  Everyone had a BLAST and it couldn't have been better!  We both appreciate all you did to make sure it was our “dream wedding.”  

Coming back home from beach life was a little tough, but we had two HUGE receptions to look forward to (and prepare for).  Needless to say, we’ve been very busy.  The photos and video all arrived on time and were great–everyone said the video made them feel like they were there.  As much as we’ve enjoyed our month-long wedding celebration, we’re glad to settle in to real life and enjoy being married.

Thank you, again, so much for everything!  We’re so glad we found you!  Please feel free to use us as a reference–we’d love to tell others what a great job you did for us.

Take care,
Cara & Justin

Soliman Bay Wedding, July 21, 2006

Rodewald Christian Wedding
July 14, 2006

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with our wedding. One is always apprehensive when working with someone you have not met and such a great distance away. You made Denise one of the happiest brides ever. If you need any recommendations feel free to contact us.
Terry and Denise Rodewald, July 25, 2006

Burr Renewal Wedding
July 13, 2006

We had such a wonderful time!! It was a great pleasure to meet you and everyone else involved who helped make our day so special!! We were very impressed with the quality and service but also with the friendliness of everyone we met! We will never forget that day!
Denise and Steve, July 19, 2006

Marquez-Sharrnack Mayan Symbolic Wedding
April 15, 2006

Dear Brenda,

I've been meaning to write to you ever since we got back. Bill, I and our families, just can't thank you enough for making the most sacred day in our lives so magical. It was an experience that surpassed all of our expectations, hopes and honestly even our dreams.

You, Jorge, Erika and the staff of Ajua, created a day for us that will not only be in our hearts forever, but will also live within our guest's hearts as well.

We are still on Cloud Nine and have been bragging to all of our friends about how perfect everything was.

The video and pictures are absolutely gorgeous and show off the beauty of it all. Thanks again for everything.

We will ALL remember it forever!

Yvette & Bill, April 24, 2006

Macdonald Catholic Wedding, Beach Cocktail Party, and Ajua Maya Reception
January 25, 2006
It's been almost a month now since the wedding and we are continuing to reminisce with our friends and family about what fantastic day we shared.  I can't say "Thank You" enough to the both of you.  Because of you our wedding day was carefree and fun.  Because we didn't have to worry about of the details, our wedding was completely about us and our guests; it was the best day of our lives!  Some of our guests told us that everybody should get married the way we did!  Word is traveling fast here about Ajua Maya...
It's difficult trusting such an important day to people you've never met, at a destination that you've never been to but everything about our wedding day far surpassed any of our expectations.  The church was perfect, the beach was spectacular and your restaurant served what we can honestly say is some of the best food we've ever had!  Some of guests even returned a few days later to indulge in your menu again.  Last but not least, Brenda, you did a miraculous job of coordinating everything.  We have had so many compliments about the photographer and the video. There is nothing we would change; how many people can say that?
It's hard to be back in Canada in the snow and cold but the memories of our wedding day keep us going.  Thank you for making it so special!
With sincere appreciation,

James and Stephanie
February 11, 2006

James and Stephanie's Wedding Photo Album


Zimmerman - Jones Catholic Wedding & Beach Wedding Reception
December 5, 2005

Thank you again for such a wonderful wedding! Our guests had so much fun that they were talking about the wedding all week long. The Mariachi parade seemed to be everyone's favorite part of the whole adventure, but everyone agreed that dinner and the cake were delicious. And to think that we pulled it all together in just 3 weeks! Our guests were amazed. They thought we'd been planning for months.
We're very happy to have found Ajua Weddings. We had a perfect wedding thanks to all of your hard work. Our digital pictures on the beach are gorgeous. I can't wait to see the photographer's pictures. The church was beautiful. Our flowers were just what I wanted. As I mentioned above, the parade was the highlight of the night for many of our guests. The beach was beautiful at night and we all had so much fun eating, drinking and dancing to the music of the Steel Drum band. The service was excellent and our guests were impressed with such talented waiters. The cake was the best I've ever tasted. This was truly a day we will never forget.
Thank you again so much for all of your ideas, time, and generosity. We can't wait to come back to Playa del Carmen.


Brian and Traci
December 13, 2005

den Nieunboer Wedding and Reception
August 19, 2005

Hi Brenda – if memory serves me correctly (which is often not the case these days J)…it’s ‘bout time for you to head home (Monday, right?).

I just had a couple girls over and got to replay all the memories, stories and slide show and short DVD for them. Like everyone, they said it was so beautiful and personal and that they’d do just the same given the choice to repeat their weddings. Put me in the mood for positive reviews, so here goes….

Friday, September 2nd

This is a special day – it marks 5 months since I called you from Amsterdam to see if you could help me work miracles (planning a Dutch/American wedding in Mexico within 4 months). And, it’s two weeks since the most magical day in the life of this happy newlywed.

I want to say thank you, Jorge, Pastor Rodolfo, and your team for the incredible welcome party and most fun, personal, unique and sweet wedding ceremony and reception most of our guests have ever experienced. I have so many thank to say…I’m going to have to organize them by event!  

I’m so glad I took your word on the evening beauty at Coco Fizz AND that we decided to cater Ajua! appetizers. My mouth still waters when I think of them! The atmosphere you created with luminaries on the beach and the fantastic service were just the right combination to get us all in the mood for a party!

Our girl time at Spa Itza on the wedding day was also incredible. I can not say enough about the calm competence of the ladies there! Another big thanks to Jorge for being so quick to respond to my last minute request for mimosas and muffins!!!

The ceremony…oh, my word, how do I ever tell you how gorgeous the setting was…beyond my wildest dreams (despite the beautiful pictures you shared). It’s so fun to show our pictures and video now and listen to people ooh and ah! Without the pictures I wouldn't’t remember much beyond the glow in my husband’s blue eyes, the pride on our parent’s faces and the heavenly feel of the organza blowing as the waves crashed behind us. That would be more than enough, but I’m still glad we captured all the beauty on film and video.

On to the reception ...THANK you for helping us realize our very personalized setup with the slide show playing during cocktail hour, beautiful, bright decorated tables that were nothing like what you’ve done before, and of course our frame place settings. I’m one of those people that would be everywhere at once, if possible, to make sure that everything’s going OK. This was a rare occasion – I was able to let go knowing it was in your hands. It was so fun to walk in with Erwin and see our dreams realized for the first time. I’d say the food was wonderful, but I think the glow of happiness and success may be the one thing that overshadows the wonderful flavors coming from your kitchen. Our guests absolutely loved both the food and the cake though. They all raved about the food and the great guys on your team – and, as you know, some of this crew isn’t terribly easy to please!

After two wonderful weeks in Playa, we decided to spend our last evening at Ajua! letting all the wonderful memories wash over us. Wow, did we enjoy our food that night! All this Texas girl say is, “Yummmmmmyyyy.” As we said goodnight to you & Jorge, I felt as if we were saying farewell to friends. I left with a happy heart, I must admit, a little sorrow.  It was an incredible adventure bringing this wedding together with you and seeing it all pay off in the surprise, pride and joy that I know was all over my face, and Erwin’s, and every single one of those 50 guests’. Although I’m excited to move into happily ever after with my new husband, I wish we could carry on with the planning fun (but I know you have plenty of that to come!).

Last, but certainly not least, I want to commend guys for having a tech savvy answer to all of the crazy requests I made…iPod music at ceremony, detailed pics of anything we discussed, my font on the menu (and I’m sure there are many more)!

I’ll close with another huge thanks a few bits of advice to future AJUA! Brides:
1) When Brenda asks you to trust her judgment, just do it J.
2) For goodness sake, take your groom and go visit the ceremony site before the rehearsal (or ceremony if you’re skipping that part).
3) If you think you’re going to do anything extra (like bringing your own OJ, Champagne, and muffins to the spa) on your wedding day – just forget it. Let Jorge and Brenda take care of it J!
4) Get ready to embrace the concept of “Manaña” … even the best laid plans fall prey to a little Mexican delay sometimes. But it’ll all wash away when you approach your husband-to-be surrounded by friends, family, and the beautiful sea.
5) If your guests are used to formal, hometown weddings, educate them in advance and get ready to let go a little. As Brenda told me, you can’t come to Mexico looking for a traditional wedding experience. If that’s what you’re going for even though you’re getting married in Playa – you may depriving everyone of the relaxation and unique fun they deserve for just joining you in this particular paradise!
6) Another bride told me this shortly before the wedding…don’t forget to sit back, relax and share a quiet moment with your new husband as your guests mingle, talk and toast around you at the reception. I can’t quite describe the feeling you’ll get at that moment...just give it a try.

Mucho Amor & Vaya con Dios

P.S. SHEESH, I wrote a book

See the den Nieunboer Wedding Photo Album

Pennington Wedding
April 23, 2005


I really don’t know if there are words to express my gratitude for all that you did. I know that every girl dreams of their wedding day and I can honestly say that mine was all that I dreamed of and more. Let me know if you need anything else and also let me know when the site is ready. I can’t wait to see it! “

Thank you!
June 9, 2005

Thank you so much for all your help in making our wedding just as I imagined it to be. I couldn’t be happier with the memory of our special day.

- The ceremony site location was absolutely perfect. Although it wasn’t planned, the full moon created a magical touch to our romantic beach ceremony. Reverend Rodolfo Urdapilleta Carrion made the ceremony unique and his sense of humor was delightful.
- The mariachi lead parade to the reception was such fun! I felt like we were sharing the joy of our marriage with the locals and everyone was just as happy as we were.
- The restaurant, the band, and salsa lessons were enjoyed by all our guests. The friendliness of the wait staff made the evening relaxed and enjoyable.
- Thank you making our wedding a memorable and unforgettable day.

Tom & Julie

Farrar Wedding
February 24 - 26, 2005
70 Attendees
Coordinated Events -
Welcome Party, Prenuptial Dinner,
Catholic Church Wedding, Beach Cocktail Party, Wedding Reception

Hello from Spain.
I am having trouble sleeping so I thought that I would drop you a quick note (I still owe you a long note when we get home). There were so many moments from the rehearsal dinner and wedding that I want to share with you. John and I have been reminiscing about the wedding everyday. We keep thinking about all of the details and all of the unplanned moments.

We have received so many wonderful e-mails from our friends and family. The whole experience combined with this romantic honeymoon has been like a fairy tale. Please share my greatest appreciation with Amanda and Ann Marie!
Lastly, you might get a good laugh when I tell you that at the request of the group we are already planning an anniversary trip back to the Rivera Maya. We all figured that it would be so much fun to count on a fun group trip, the same time every year. I hope that you have a great rest of the week.

John and I will be leaving Spain on Wednesday at least 10 pounds heavier!

Talk to you soon!

March 7, 2005

See the Farrar Wedding Photo Album

click below to view the video

Wedding Day Edit : Windows Media (8 Mb)
Wedding Day Edit : Quicktime (Hi-res 16 Mb)


Engel Wedding
November 6, 2004
40 Attendees
Coordinated Events:
Secluded Beach Wedding, Beach Champagne Toast, Wedding Reception

Hi Brenda, I hope you’re well – we are all knee deep in remembering the wonderful week and wedding experience you helped us create. What we appreciated, in particular, includes:

- Your responsiveness and care in helping Jennifer and us all think through all aspects of the experience; spending time first with Jen and Scott, and then with Richard and me and Scott’s parents - helped us feel comfortable doing all of this so far away from home. Thank you for picking us up and returning us all to the hotel.

- The rehearsal dinner was wonderful – including the setting, the ability to be flexible when it began raining, the food, the wonderful service, the vans to take us there, the amazing and incredible music – the dancing – it could not have been more perfect. The menu/ programs were adorable.

- The wedding setting was magnificent; the way you constructed what Jennifer requested – the music, the beautiful chiffon in pastel colors, the conch shells and runner and flowers and candles, the beautiful, secluded setting, the pyramids for pictures – all provided a memorable and romantic setting. I cannot imagine a more beautiful one. We appreciated the champagne toast right after the ceremony. The menu/programs were perfect.

- The walk through the streets on the way back to the restaurant with the mariachis was memorable – and amazing – and wonderful, with the people along the way cheering and taking pictures. I am so glad you suggested this and were able to make it happen at the last minute.

- The restaurant setting, the band, the food, the responsiveness and friendliness of the wait staff, you and Jorge, were perfect. I think the dinner was absolutely the best wedding food I have ever
tasted at any wedding. The lobster was incredible, as was the shrimp appetizers. I’m so glad you suggested that we have the shrimp. The wedding cake was delicious, a perfect size, and the flowers that we brought back from the ceremony were beautiful.

- The live music, including the band and then the salsa dancers, who taught and performed, and then led the group in a conga line – were just the perfect touch.

- The lovely photographer, Sol, was so appealing, so non-intrusive, and such and amazing photographer. To think that we received the pictures in an album three days after the wedding is unheard of. And I truly think the album is the loveliest one I’ve ever seen. We are so grateful for your finding her and for delivering a magnificent album personally, so soon after the wedding.

Judy Dubin, Mother of the Bride, December 2004

Photography by Sol Tamargo

Hi Brenda!

We are so glad to hear that you are busy with weddings and are doing so
well! I viewed several of them on your Web site and they look beautiful.
Scott and I are still dreaming about Playa - we had such an amazing time
with all of our friends and family and we are so thankful that we met you
and had your help. Sorry it has taken so long to reply, but my job has
changed (I am now a full-time real estate broker) and things have been
extremely hectic. The summer is a crazy, busy, tourist time in Aspen.
I hope that we can keep in touch and Scott and I hope to get back to Mexico
sometime soon.

All our best,
Jennifer & Scott Engel

Sara and Louie Oropeza Wedding
December 31, 2004
50 Attendees
Coordinated Event -
Wedding Reception

We celebrated New Year's Eve at AJUA! on December 31st, 2003 with 55 of our family and friends that had traveled to Playa del Carmen for our wedding. Brenda was fantastic helping us plan our dinner. We arranged everything over email, and Brenda went out of her way to accommodate our group and even added little extras to make the evening even more special for us, like fun decorations and specially printed menus.

She promised us a night we'd never forget, and that's just what we got. The amazing food, music, and fun waiters provided exactly the atmosphere we were seeking. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves eating, drinking, enjoying the music, dancing, and just generally having a wonderful time! The staff was wonderfully interactive and ensured that everyone had a fantastic time.

We highly recommend AJUA as not only an amazing restaurant, but a fantastic place to hold any size celebration for a truly memorable time. Thank you to everyone at AJUA!

Thanks again, and we will definitely return to AJUA on our next trip to Playa!!

Sincerely, Sara and Louie Oropeza, March 18, 2004

Amanda and Drew Sir Wedding
May 28, 2004
Couple only
Coordinated Event -
Mayan Symbolic Wedding

"Brenda, thank you so much for all you have done, for allowing our dreams to come true.Our wedding was a thousand times more beautiful then we ever could have imagined. You not only helped us with our wedding, but shared it with us.

Our wedding will be a part of us forever, and so will you and Jorge."

"To the best man and woman at our wedding . . . our friends . . . Thank you with all of hearts,"

Drew and Amanda Sir, May 28, 2004


Again, you are awesome. I really appreciate the time you are taking to answer the millions of questions that I have . . .. I'm sooooo excited, as is my fiance. (no photos yet, wedding is in April 2005)
Dierdre, March 25, 2004




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