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Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and the Mayan World

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We want you to enjoy your time on the Riviera Maya so we’ve compiled a list of popular excursions that you can book directly before you arrive if you choose. We also suggest you "Create your own Tour" with a personal driver and your own itinerary -- usually it is less expensive, much more fun and with none of the tourist trap stops!
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Discovering Sacred Mayan Waters
An Introduction to Cavern Diving
A Sacred Cavern Dive and Snorkeling Private Tour

To cavern dive, a diver must be certified and be accompanied by a certified cavern diver.

Most accessible cenotes open to the public in the Yucatan Peninsula are equipped with a permanent line to serve as a return reference line for snorkelers and divers.

Tour Itinerary
8:00 am   Pick-up at Your Hotel
9:30 am   Orientation and Snorkel/Dive
1:00 am:   Lunch
3:00 pm   Return to Your Hotel

The Yucatan Peninsula Cave System

The Yucatan Peninsula is noted for its famous spectacular cave formations and the amazing clarity of the cenote waters. In the jungles nearby the ancient city of Tulum, lie the two longest cave and underground river systems known on earth. Creatures found nowhere else have been discovered in these caves. Diving or snorkeling these cave systems is an experience not to be missed and one that your will remember for a lifetime.

An Excursion of a Lifetime
There are two distinct forms of cenote diving –Cavern Diving, which also snorkelers can share with an experienced guide, and Cave Diving. What is the difference?

Cavern Diving and Snorkeling:  The perfect introductory experience. One either swims or snorkels in sight of the entrance of a cave within the realm of natural sunlight. This experience offers a safe and extraordinary introduction to Cave Diving in underground rivers.

Cave Diving – One swims into a cave beyond the reach of natural sunlight. You must be an experienced certified diver with cave diving certification to experience this.
All necessary equipment for open-water diving and snorkeling will be provided as well as two battery lights and a line reel for those who are diving.

Additional Riviera Maya Excursions


Evenings feature the Xcaret Spectacular Mexico Night Show, where 300 artists on stage will delight you with the best of culture, music and regional dances of Mexico. (the night show is included in the price of your ticket)

For more than ten centuries, Xcaret was one of the most important Mayan ceremonial centers and seaports. Xcaret, "Little Inlet" in Maya, is an incredible eco-archaeological park where you can spend a wonderful day.
Its centerpiece is an underground river that gently carries swimmers through a series of manmade underground caverns. You can also visit a Mayan village and explore archeological sites, snorkel in the inlet, home to lots of tropical fish, interact with dolphins (extra charge), visit the aquarium, butterfly pavilion or the aviary, stroll in the botanical gardens or simply enjoy the beach.

Discovering Mayan Waters

Deep Sea Fishing
Approx. 4 hour fishing trip for 4
Boat leaves from shoreline
Up to 4 persons per boat
Deep Sea Fishing
Hatteras style boat leaving from a dock
There are many options, please call for information

Sail & Snorkel
Spend a day on a magnificent 41 foot custom designed Catamaran sailing on sacred waters, snorkeling, relaxing and enjoying the sun. 

Transportation, Snorkel Gear, Snacks and Drinks Included.

Groups limited to 35  persons

Scuba Diving the Reefs
Leave at 9 am or 1 pm

Discover Scuba Diving
for Non-Certified Divers
One Tank Dive
Training & dive approx. 3 hours
Leaves at 9 am or 2 pm
Scuba Certification
3 day course with PADI Certification


Swim with the Dolphins

Experience the action, feel the emotion and enjoy the closeness of swimming with the dolphins in Puerto Aventuras, about 15 minutes south of Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya.  Three different dolphin programs offer varying levels of interaction. 
Recommendation: Book Early!  Due to limited availability, book this in advance. Bring extra bathing suit, towel, biodegradable sun lotion, money for food & drinks.


Swim Adventure

During this 45 minute adventure program (30 minutes of water time), participants are able to have the ultimate close experience with dolphins, the dolphins kiss, hug and watching them perform various fun and exciting behaviors.

Not Available for Children Under 8 years old
Transportation Not Included
Limited to 100

Royal Swim

This program offers the most interaction with the dolphins. During the one-hour swim program (30 minutes of water time), visitors are allowed to perform various activities with the dolphins including the foot-push, the dorsal tow, dolphin kiss and free time. 

Not Available for Children Under 8 years old
Transportation Not Included.
Limited to 48 per group


The Encounter Program

The Encounter Program is a unique experience designed for younger children accompanied by an adult.  During the encounter the focus is on allowing everyone to enjoy a high degree of contact with the dolphins, and at the same time our trainers will teach you about these amazing animals.

Available for Children under 8 years old when accompanied by an adult (must be 18 years or older)

Children under 2 years participate free with a paying adult.
Transportation Not Included 

Cobá : Mayan Encounter Pac-Chén

To see the real Mexico you must leave the town and traffic far behind and enjoy an expedition into the heart of the Yucatan jungle.

You will be picked up at your hotel and taken on an historical journey that spans 1500 years of Mayan culture. Our first stop is the recently-opened ancestral city of Cobá, an archaeological site hidden deep inside the rain forest of the south-eastern Yucatan, where we will guide you through these verdant green vegetation-covered ruins to climb the Nohoch Muul temple, the highest in the state.

Leaving here you will penetrate deeper into the jungle to the authentic Mayan village of Pac-Chén, a self-sufficient community of approximately 100 indigenous people living next to an integral part of the region's lagoon system.

Together with the locals, you will walk through their forest, learning of the local fauna and flora, enjoy a zip-line crossing over their incredibly beautiful “Cayman Cenote”, rappel 45 ft down into and swim in the sacred “Jaguar Cenote”, canoe on and swim in “Mojarras Lagoon”, and next to the same lagoon enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by the local Mayan women.

A great combination of history, archeology, nature, gastronomy and culture all in one adventure-filled day.

Departure from your Hotel at 9:00 am – Return 5:30 pm

Mayan Jungle Crossing

Jungle Crossing offers an action-packed day that combines 4x4 trekking, jungle, Caribbean Sea, underground river systems, snorkeling, kayaking and an encounter with a Mayan culture that remains quite removed from our civilized world.

A unique and exciting expedition that will take you on a journey of discovery into some of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Mexico. You will be picked up at your hotel where you will board a Mercedes Benz Unimog 4x4 all-terrain vehicles.

From there you venture into the heart of the jungle and visit Rancho San Felipe, a small Mayan family community where the Nohoch Nah Chich cenote system is located. There you will experience an unforgettable snorkeling adventure into the fresh waters of the second longest underground river system in the world.  You will be amazed at the unsurpassable beauty of the stalactite and stalagmite formations above and below this crystal-clear water, while participating in one of the most memorable experiences in your lifetime.

Horseback Riding


See the exotic beaches and tropical surroundings by horseback riding on this relaxing day tour. This four hour trail ride winds through the jungle. Once you reach the white sand beach, take a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea-you can even take your horse in the sea with you! 

ATV Tour


Discover the exotic beaches and tropical surroundings on ATVs on this relaxing day tour. Have fun and enjoy four hours exploring the pristine Caribbean coastline. Surrounded by Mexican jungle and the exquisite turquoise water, this ATV ride is scenic and exhilarating. Once you reach the white sand beach, take a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Tulum and Dos Ojos
A Sacred Mayan Journey

Begin the day touring the magnificent ceremonial archeological site of Tulum, built upon cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea and then in the afternoon refresh yourself with the magical experience of the cold, clear waters of a sacred Mayan cenote --an open cave leading to an underground river with stalactites and stalagmites.

Ek Balam & Cobá
A Historical Mayan Adventure

Discover two of the most magnificent Mayans ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula. Ek Balam, a ancient site believed to have more than one hundred pyramids, is known for its incredible sculptures and stucco finishing of the pyramids exterior walls. Coba, a large Mayan pyramid city, is built around a expansive  lake and is renowned for its roads, which still are in use today.

No need for a tour. Just come to the ferry dock in Playa del Carmen and purchase a ferry ticket. When you get there you can rent scooters or book diving or snorkeling tours right off the dock

Just for Golf


Golf Playacar

Located in the Playa del Carmen's hotel zone known as Playacar in the Mexico's beautiful Mayan Riviera, this 18 hole Playacar Golf Course was built amongst the lush foliage of the Yucatan Peninsula, making this golf course not only beautiful, but challenging as well. The Club provides a first class practice area, complete with a spectacular driving range, and a large putting green including chipping, pitching, and greenside bunker areas.

Spa Days

Relax & Pamper
10 am or 1 pm

50 Minute Massage
Manicure and Pedicure
in one of Playa's Premier Mayan Spas

Want to Rent a Car
Plan a Private Tour or  Whatever
AjuaWeddings will make it happen for you

or by stopping by AJUA Maya
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Want to Call Home? Need a Wireless Hotspot or Internet?
First, telephoning ... an expensive option at the hotels, of course.
The least expensive option is to use one of the many Internet Cafes that also have phone services.
Or, buy a Ladatel card from any little market and use a Telmex public phone.
Better yet, come by Ajua Maya -- you can make 15 minutes of unlimited phone calls to the USA, Canada and most of Europe with a $5.00 USD donation to the Fundación América Maya

Bringing work with you and your trusty laptop? That's a no-no on vacation but if you insist ...
Ajua Maya is a Wireless Hotspot.

Tips and Hints

Mosquitoes: Bring and put on insect repellant, especially for weddings and events at sunset!!!!
How to Avoid Sun Stroke: This is easy -- make sure you eat something during the day and drink lots of water, not just beer and margaritas! Carry a bottle or two of Pedialyte in case you feel dizzy or nauseous. Sun stroke comes from the loss of potassium and salts from sweating and this replaces it quickly. Also, if you feel one coming on, ice the top of your head, back of your neck, and your arms and body to cool down quickly.
Children: Mexicans love children and so do we. One word of suggestion. Please bring table toys for them to entertain themselves. Toys that are wonderful to travel with include the micro ones that fit in their own play box. Also, remember the sun screen and lots of water.
Credit Cards: Please inform credit card companies that you are traveling to Mexico and will be using your credit card. If you do not, some credit card issuers have security blocks when seeing several transactions out of the ordinary and may block your card for your protection.
Credit Card Advances: To get an cash advance on your credit card, you must use the ATM machines and you will need your pin number. Banks in Playa del Carmen do not do credit card cash advances.
Cash: Many restaurants and businesses do not take credit or debit cards. so cash  is king! Some charge an extra fee if you choose to "charge it." Bring your ATM card and/or traveler's checks (in $50s and $20s are the best).
Exchanging Money: Your hotel will not give you a preferential rate and at the banks you wait in long lines. It is recommended to use the "Casa de Cambios - Exchange Houses" located on nearly every street corner. They offer a great exchange rate and no lines! Always a plus.
Tipping: 15% in restaurants is appreciated for excellent service. No coins, please
Coins are not exchangeable in Mexico. In the all-inclusive hotels, your service staff appreciates tips.
It is a good idea to bring lots of $1.00 USD bills.
Note: Reservations Required. Reservation services are arranged through Hacienda Maya Travel.
Departure days, times, prices, cancellation, refunds and rescheduling
are determined by tour providers and can be subject to changes by tour providers without prior notice.


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