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Fundación América Maya, A.C., a Playa del Carmen non-profit foundation, coordinates and organizes education, health care and economic development missions for Mayan children and their families. Your help can assist these children and their families to achieve and participate in the future of our modern world.

July 2009: The foundation funded the first laparoscopic hernia operation with a donation of $10,000 pesos to Angel Notion.

June 2009: Laparoscopic Surgery Medical Mission installed in Clinica Sacbe with surgeon Dr. Tonitiuh Moreno, who is donating his clinic and expertise to offer surgeries to those with few resources. Surgery candidates will be screened by Angel Notion , a local Playa del Carmen non-profit clinic.

This project began in April 2007 with Dr. Geraldo Cabellero of Milwaukee, Wisconsin,, who organized a donation of a full laparoscopic surgery set-up, facilitated by the America Maya Foundation and Solidaridad's Taxi Union, to be installed in a local Playa del Carmen clinic to support medical surgery missions to Playa del Carmen.

February 2008: Charity Bike Build
Genzyme Biosurgery & TeamBonding

A generous donation of 16 children's bicycles, helmets and locks were made to Father Bernard Quinn at Aventura Spa Palace by Gnezyme's Charity Bike Build organized by TeamBonding . These bicycles were donated to Father Quinn's Mission School at Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in the Colosio in Playa del Carmen and were given to families in great need under Father Quinn's direction. The foundation facilitated the donation and provided transportation to the Mission School.

February 2008: Mission to MMedical Mission Playa del Carmenayan Villages in Quintana Roo
Cascade East Family Medical Center

Under the leadership of Dr. Laurel Medina, the America Maya Foundation, Alltournative, Dr. Manuel Peniche, Father Jorge Casteñada, Ajua Events and Ajua Maya Restaurant organized a four day medical mission focusing on diabetes, high blood pressure and parasite screening and treatment in remote Mayan villages near Cobá and in the Ejido in Playa del Carmen. Over the four day, 250 patients were evaluated and treated. Schering Plough donated much of the medicines used for this clinic..




Fundación América Maya, A.C., a Mexican non-profit non-denominational and non-sectarian foundation.
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