Mexican Civil Weddings - Mexican Justice of the Peace
Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Ajua Wedding Planners can arrange a Mexican Civil Wedding for you in Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum and all along the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya.

A few facts and the requirements ...

Mexican Civil Weddings must be performed by a Mexican Justice of the Peace. Usually the ceremony is in Spanish and a translator can be provided for your ceremony for an additional fee.

Mexico only recognizes civil weddings. Couples who have a wedding performed by a priest, minister or Mayan shaman do not receive an official marriage license unless they also have a registered civil marriage performed by a Justice of the Peace.

For brides and grooms who are both foreigners and are having an official Catholic wedding, we ask you to check with your local parish priest to determine if you need both an official Catholic Wedding and Mexican Civil Wedding to be legally married in your country.If you wish a sunset civil wedding, you will need to plan well in advance to ensure you can reserve the Justice of the Peace to perform a civil wedding. Civil weddings for foreigners are performed from 1 pm. -5 pm., Monday through Saturday. We can usually arrange a later wedding for an extra fee.  There are no civil weddings performed on Sundays or Mexican holidays.

Your Personal Wedding Planner will accompany go with you to obtain all the necessary documents and to apply for your license.

Civil Ceremony, Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya- Foreigner with Foreigner
In order to get married in Mexico, you must submit the following documents to your Wedding Coordinator at least 3 full working days prior to your wedding date:

Requirements including documents:
(updated June 2007)

  1. Valid passports (cannot use expired passport).
  2. Apostilled Birth Certificates Only necessary if you wish your parent's names on your marriage certificate.
  3. Tourist Visas - provided by customs upon your entry into Mexico.
  4. Four Witnesses. The names, ages, addresses, nationalities, occupations, and valid passports for the four witnesses. The witnesses must also provide a copy of their tourist cards and passports. Witnesses can be Mexican nationals, which we can provide, if necessary.
  5. Blood tests - Blood type, RH factor, Venereal Disease and HIV test. This blood test must be done in Mexico at any local clinical laboratory. The cost is about $40 per person. Results available in 12-24 hours.
  6. Doctor's Certification of the blood test. You must have a certificate from a local doctor that certifies the lab results. The cost will be approximately $60 USD per certificate. Some clinical laboratories provide the services of a doctor for a packaged cost, which normally is more economical.
  7. Marriage License and Ceremony Applying for your marriage license cost about $325 USD. Payment is made with your application. In most municipalities, you can reserve the Justice of the Peace months in advance and this reservation is confirmed one week prior to your wedding date.
  8. Arrival Date At least 4 business days before the ceremony. The couple and 4 witnesses need to go to the municipal office to sign the license application at least 4 business days including the day of the ceremony if it falls on a business day (do not include Mexican holidays or Sundays when you count your days). When you apply for the license and pay your fee, you must also submit the blood tests results, doctor's certificate, copies of your passports, tourist's visas and show your original passports.


Final divorce decrees with an Apostille seal. The Apostille seal certifies a document is a true and official original and are provided by the issuing state or country and can several weeks to obtain. Please check the issuing government’s web site as to how to obtain an Apostille document.
Original or notarized copy of former spouse's death certificate (if applicable).

Please note: Ceremony will not be performed unless all documents are in order – No Exceptions. The documents can be submitted Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm, three working days prior the ceremony.

To ensure your wedding date, Ajua Weddings will reserve the date and time of your wedding with the Justice of the Peace upon receipt of your initial deposit. Reservations must be confirmed one week prior to the wedding.

Approximate Fees
(in US Dollars) 

Blood Test

$40 US/per person


Medical Certificate $60 US/per couple
License Fee $325 US per license
Total Fees  

Couples who have a wedding performed by a priest or minister in Mexico do not receive a Mexican marriage license unless they also have a registered civil marriage with a Mexican Justice of the Peace.
All fees quoted are estimates and subject to change. All prices are quoted in US dollars.

Civil Ceremony - Mexican with Mexican
In order to get married in Mexico , you must submit the following documents to the Wedding Coordinator at least 3 full working days prior to your wedding date:

Requirements including documents:

  1. Original y copia del acta de nacimiento de los contrayentes.
  2. Original del certificado medico prenupcial con pruebas del VDRL, VIH, y RH (máximo 15 días antes de la boda).
  3. Copias de identificación con fotografía de los contrayentes (pueden ser: credencial de elector, cartilla militar o pasaporte).
  4. Si alguno de los contrayentes es viudo o divorciado copia del documento.
  5. Si alguno es menor de edad, copia de identificación de los padres y estos deberán presentarse el día de la boda como testigos y/o dispensa matrimonial expedida por el secretario del H. Ayuntamiento de Solidaridad o de Ayuntamiento de Municipal de la boda.
  6. Copia de la identificación con fotografía de dos testigos por contrayente .

Civil Ceremony - Mexican with Foreigner
In order to get married in Mexico, you must submit the following documents to the Wedding Coordinator at least 3 full working days prior to your wedding date:

Requirements including documents:

Civil Ceremony - Mexicans marrying Foreigners

  1. Original and copy of the Mexican's birth certificate.
  2. Original and copy of an official photo ID of the Mexican person.
  3. Passport for the foreigner
  4. Copy and original of an Immigration permit to marry a Mexican.
  5. Original of a blood test (blood type, RH factor, venereal disease, HIV), to be performed here in Cancun within 15 days of the wedding date.
  6. Doctor’s Certificate of Health

If the foreigner is living in México, their FM2, FM3 or FMT must be presented also.


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